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Kybtec World Clock is an application that shows the time in several locations
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Kybtec World Clock is an application that shows the time in several locations. It can calculate the current time in several locations around the globe. And you can add as many clocks as you want to your desktop. Those clocks can be small images on your desktop or they can be resized to take the entire screen. Kybtec World Clock shows two different types of clocks: the analog one and a digital list. You can add as many analog clocks as you want, and each one of them will show the time and some information about the location chosen. Additionally, you can simply open a list with all your locations and the current times for each one of them one after the other, which, in my opinion, is an easier way to access the information.

Graphically, the clocks are very simple. A red hand shows the seconds and two black hands show the hour and minutes. City names are displayed in blue color by default and each clock shows the current date and time in black text (digitally).

You can change the way the clocks are shown from the configuration menu. You can tweak the fonts, sizes, colors, etc.

When you install the application, you have to go to the application's website to get a registration code for the application to launch, which is a bit annoying. It only has to be done one time, though.

José Fernández
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  • Analog and digital clocks
  • List with world times


  • Outdated
  • Most OSs now have this feature
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